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There's a simple, yet effective component of advertising that can speak directly to the mind of the consumer; yet many businesses fail to utilize it in their advertising.

And while the spoken word can help convert a reader into a customer, there still remains one small addition to an advertisement that can help a business brand themselves even more so.

It's a Custom Logo Design!

A well designed logo can make it easy for everyone to recognize your business and know your products.

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What Is Absolute Custom Logo Design?

Absolute custom logo design is complete and total, not limited in any way by any means.

ArtDesignMix.com offers you flexibility.

Our work is complete and total. Our style and techniques are not limited in any way by any means.

We take custom logo design very seriously.  We know branding a business or product is at the utmost importance to whoever contacts us for a quote or questions.

Branding your business is an important step to ensuring your business gets noticed, and stays noticed by a simple icon... a logo design.

With our commitment to artistic expression and advertising through images, we believe we offer a simpler, yet effective and affordable solution to both the business owner and non-business owner who wants to brand themselves or their products.

We offer custom logo design at very affordable pricing.

In fact, the more you buy the more you save. (See pricing details here!)

You can be assured that great care will go into your custom logo design.

Images come in GIF, PNG, JPEG, IA, SVG, or EPS.

The owner and graphic designer has a background in marketing (affiliate, network, and multi-level), plus years experience as a graphic designer and traditional painter.

Below are some examples of fictitious custom logo designs.

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Custom Logo Design for the Web

If you're in need of some custom logo design for web use or other custom graphics, we are just a email or phone call away.

Our web graphics come in JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats.

We will do special request for edit-able Adobe Photoshop PSD format images so you can edit them yourself in Photoshop.

Below are a few examples of custom logo design images for web use.

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Branding and Custom Logo Design

Custom logo design can help you brand yourself and your products when used in your print advertising, and on your websites and blogs.

By adding your logo to all of your advertising, you build your brand and reputation through the logos symbol.

A symbol standing for your business in an image, is the logo design that represents your business in a nutshell.

You might say it's a trigger symbol for the subconscious.

When using the logo design effectively, it will set up an automatic response with those who remember seeing it from before.

A good example of the effectiveness of a logo design and branding is that of the golden arches of McDonald's.

When we see the golden arches, we know immediately that it stands for McDonald's.

Nike's swoosh, Twitter, Hershey's, and many more logos have been very effective over the years when used in advertising.

Branding with a custom logo design is a great way to get others used to your business and what your business represents. 

If you know anyone looking for a quality custom logo design or graphics, don't forget to mention ArtDesignMix.com.

Thank you for visiting ArtDesignMix.com.

I do hope I will have the privilege of getting to know you and doing business with you soon.


Michael J. Homan

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